Upper Klamath 1-day “Whitewater Superstar”

The Upper Klamath

Full Day Trip – 8-5:30pm.     
Noah’s provides all transportation with pick up in Ashland, Ore. 


Experience Some of the Best Whitewater Excitement in the West. The Upper Klamath River’s “Hells Corner Gorge” is one of the nation’s  newest  federally protected “wild and scenic” waterway. The Upper Klamath River is located in a remote canyon right on the Oregon-California border, beginning in the southern tip of the Cascade Mountain range between Ashland and Klamath Falls, Oregon and concluding at Copco Lake, California. This is a very unique, one-of-a-kind, class III-IV+ whitewater run which boasts 47 quality, named rapids on the one-day superstar run and 75 on the two-day campout special. Both Upper Klamath River rafting itineraries include the famous seven mile “Hell’s Corner Canyon”, where you experience almost continuous, near non-stop wild water action — the very best in the West. This is where our slogan “RAFTING, RAFTING, AND MORE RAFTING—THE INCREDIBLE ADRENALINE RUSH” was born.

Minimum age: 11-13 years old based on size and experience.

Continental breakfast and lunch included


Its happening folks...  Work will start this year to remove the dams that control the flows on this amazing stretch of whitewater.   So get it while you can!!   At this point, we are able to run commercial trips this spring/summer until mid September.  We can take you 7 days a week as long as we have 4 guests ready to smile, paddle, and get wet!

For some more information on the Upper Klamath and damn removal process take a look at some recent coverage:




The Upper Klamath River area

is full of history of our forefathers and the native American Indians. Many log structures and artifacts are still present. There is an abundance of wildlife with frequent sightings of the majestic bald eagle, flocks of wild geese, and deer foraging the hillsides. Add to this the paralleling Oregon/California wagon and stagecoach trail, the hot spring resort ghost town of Beswick, riverside caves, high-rising multi-colored bluffs, and groves of pine, cedar, and juniper, laced together with occasional meadows shaded by tan oak and alder trees. This 14 mile stretch of the Upper Klamath River is, without a doubt, the “WEST’S BEST” one or two day frolicking whitewater adventure from May through October.


The Upper Klamath is conveniently divided into three parts

  1. The first is five miles of introductory water, making it suitable for even the first-time rafter; it allows you the time to get comfortable with your surroundings and learn the methods and safety features we employ.
  2. The second portion of the journey is the seven mile, excitingly wild whitewater challenge discussed above.
  3. Finally comes part three, where the Upper Klamath river starts settling down, lending itself to other things like sunbathing, water fights, and even body-surfing some of the smaller rapids as we near the lake and our take-out point.

TRIP REQUIREMENTS: Reasonably good health, not afraid of water or a good splash in the face. Minimum age: 11-13 years old based on size and experience.

SPECIAL WARNING: The Upper Klamath River trip has been known to cause serious whitewater addiction.

HELL’S CORNER GORGE: Named after the unscrupulous and allusive stagecoach robbers who would hide out in this area after their bad deeds.

IN RECENT YEARS, the Upper Klamath has been applauded by several national magazines and tour guides as “one of the ultimate whitewater trips in the country today — a must do for all whitewater enthusiasts.”

MOST IMPORTANTLY: Nobody does it as well, has as much fun, or has as much experience and knowledge of this area as the guides of Noah’s River Adventures, the undisputed #1 outfitter here today.


Available May – October 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.



+3% Federal use fee


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