Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many people fit in a raft? 
In general, six guests plus the guide will fit in a raft. The number of guests per raft can vary depending on the size of the guests and what trip is chosen.
 2. Are dogs (pets) allowed on river trips?
As much as we love dogs and other pets, they are not allowed on commercial river trips. There are local options for pet boarding and we recommend booking a spot with them in advance. Please do not leave your pets unattended in or around your vehicle.
3. Is whitewater rafting safe? 
The first step to staying safe: choose the right trip for your group.
Whitewater rafting is a fun summer activity with a range of difficulties for almost all ages and abilities; as with any activity there are inherent risks and you will need to sign a waiver to participate. You have taken the first step of mitigating that risk by researching an experienced outfitter. Certain river trips have less risk than others and choosing an appropriate level of whitewater for your group is critical. Call 541-488-2811 to speak with a whitewater professional about your options.
4. Can I go rafting if I can’t swim? 
Swimming is a recommended skill for all whitewater activities, but not mandatory. Beginner trips are less risky for non-swimmers, especially at lower to moderate water levels. Personal flotation devices are mandatory on every outing and are designed to help keep your head above water.
5. Do we have to paddle? 
We use stern oars for all of our trips to give the guide more power and control; however it depends on what level of rafting your group is participating in and how full the boat is. Our Rogue Scenic Float with low level rapids will require little to no paddling, the Rogue Intro to Whitewater requires some paddling, and the advanced Upper Klamath will require all to paddle.
6. What are the age requirements to go rafting?
Age guidelines vary for the different rafting trips based on the degree of difficulty. These guidelines can go up or down depending on the flow of the river, so please call if someone in your group is near the cutoff.
Age guidelines:
Rogue Scenic Float (Beginner) – Class I-II
Minimum age is 2 years old and 30lbs.
Rogue River Intro. To Whitewater (Beginner) – Mostly class l-ll with 2 lVs
Minimum age is 6 years old and at least 50 pounds
Upper Klamath (Advanced) – Class lll-lV+
Minimum age is 12
7. Is there a weight limit?
The rafts themselves do have a weight limit however it’s very high. The only thing we care about is if guests can fit into the PFDs (personal flotation devices). If anyone is unable to fit we can’t take them out on the river. 
9. Are life jackets provided? 
Yes, we provide Whitewater specific Type V personal floatation devices. Your pfd will be fitted and checked by a guide and all buckles must be clipped while on the river. Helmets are also required on every trip except the Rogue Scenic Float.
10. Do people ever fall out of the raft?
Yes, people fall out of the raft from time to time, but if you pay attention and listen to your guide, the chances of falling out are small. Young children, people with disabilities and non-swimmers can request a senior guide, which will further reduce the risk of falling out.
11. Is there a guide on each raft?
Yes. Each raft has a highly qualified guide.
12. What should I wear/bring?
There are 3 things required for you to bring; shoes with a heel strap (chacos, water shoes, tennis shoes, etc.), a mask for the shuttle ride, and a water bottle. What to wear is largely weather dependent, but you should plan to wear quick-dry clothing like fleece or any synthetic fabric (workout clothing). Wetsuits, fleece, and splash jackets are included in the cost of your trip. Cotton, denim, flip-flops, and Crocs are not appropriate. We also recommend sunglasses and sunscreen. Your guide will have a dry bag for small items, but please keep towels and dry clothes on the shuttle. We also recommend bringing some cash along if you would like to tip your guide. 
13. Is transportation provided to the river?
Noahs River Adventures will provide transportation from the meeting location to the river, and back to the meeting location where your vehicle is parked following the trip.
14. Are raft trips canceled due to weather?
Raft trips depart daily rain or shine and are almost never canceled with the exception of an extreme event that is an unacceptable risk or level of safety.
15. What is the cancellation policy?
95% of the base trip cost will be refunded if the trip is canceled at least 48 hours prior to your original reservation date. The trip is non-refundable, but with a reschedule, if the trip is canceled within 48 hours.

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