Rogue River Scenic Float & The Discovery Park

Mellow Scenic Float Trip

on the Rogue River in Southern Oregon. The Rogue River Scenic Float is NOT a wild-water raft trip…not this one, it’s different. Specifically, this is a scenic, casual, relaxing affair with the great out-of-doors. There are small class I & II riffles and rapids along the way. The Rogue River rafting Scenic Float is where we use our large, comfortable, excursion rafts with padded seats and backrests on this mellow but beautiful and secluded piece of the famous Rogue River. Our guides are well-versed in the flora and fauna, history, and stories of the Rogue River and quick to point out deer, geese, osprey, eagle, and other bird life and waterfowl which are common sightings along the way.

We take a stop at The Discovery Park where you have the option to get some lunch/snacks, beverage of your choice (they have wine and beer on tap), and play in their private park. This park is a boat in only private park on the Rogue River and will be a favorite for families! This will be what your kids remember!

Minimum age: 2 years old.


The Rogue River Rafting Scenic Float

is the perfect outing for the entire family where young children and the grandparents can come along, too. An excellent excursion for seniors, a touring group, or a family reunion. An ideal outing for the individual that wants a quiet, peaceful rafting experience without the fear or intimidation of larger waves and rapids, and a place to spend some quality time with a chosen few.


This Rogue Scenic Float Trip is available March through October.

Springtime means new, lush green growth, wild flowers, and sightings of baby ducks, geese goslings, and fawns. Summertime is for a relaxing and pleasurable outing away from the crowds. And Fall has a very unique and special addition, multiple sightings of mature 15 to 40 pound Chinook Salmon, often within five to 25 feet of you, building or protecting their beds (known as redds) in the shallow gravel bars getting ready to spawn. Dress for comfort; this is a casual affair and bring your binoculars and cameras!


Rogue river rafting Scenic Float Trip Options

  • 3/4 day
  • 10am – 4pm
  • $115

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