Winter Steelhead

On the Rogue, Chetco, Elk, Sixes, Coquille and Umpqua Rivers


IMG_0252_editedThe ultimate sport fish: tailwalking, cartwheeling, power-pulling 8 to 15 pounds of fighting fury. Yep, that is winter steelheading. Southern Oregon is a steelheaders paradise. We produce more steelhead than any other state in the Union and the streams mentioned above produce about 70 percent of this states steelhead.

December signals the beginning of the winter run and continues through April. We fish from driftboats for these incredible fighters. We use Lightweight, 9 foot spincast rods with 10-12 pound test line, rolling bait right on the bottom or sticking a plug in their face is what it takes to make it happen. Water conditions, angler pressure and their migratory journey dictate our location of choice.
IMG_0668_editedWinter steelheading is for the hardy, those willing to deal with less than desirable weather when it happens. So please, bring a good set of rain gear and warm boots or neoprene waders. We do see a lot of very nice weather, springtime days, in March and April. The rewards, more-than-often, are well worth the potential foul weather risk.

When: late December through mid-April
Cost per day for driftboat: $300 for one fishermen, $400 for two fishermen.
10% discount for second and each subsequent day of fishing



Hughs Steelhead 001


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