Summer / Fall Steelhead

Summer/Fall Steelhead Fishing on the Upper Rogue River

summer-shThe Rogue River is one of the very few rivers in the world that has a Summer Steelhead run and provides some of the best Oregon fishing. They enter this river starting in July, migrating to their spawning beds 100-plus miles upriver, near Medford and Shady Cove, Oregon.

The summer adult steelhead range from 3 to 10 pounds. While conventional methods of fishing are used, fly fishing is the most popular. The drift boat provides the needed access to the many outstanding slots and holding waters of the popular Upper Rogue’s summer run. Our fly fishermen find that weighted nymphs, leaches and egg imitation patterns, dead drifted on the bottom, are the most productive methods. September and October are restricted to fly fishing only. Bait and plugs are commonly used in November and December.

When: August through December
Cost: per day for drift boat fishing: $300 for one fishermen, $400 for two
fishermen. 10% discount for second and each subsequent day of fishing

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Weather Forecast – Upper Rogue River

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