The Upper Klamath All-Day Trip: Experience Some of the Best Whitewater Excitement in the West. The Upper Klamath River’s “Hells Corner Gorge” is one of the nation’s  newest  federally protected “wild and scenic” waterway. The Upper Klamath River is located in a remote canyon right on the Oregon-California border, beginning in the southern tip of the Cascade Mountain range between Ashland and Klamath Falls, Oregon and concluding at Copco Lake, California.

This is a very unique, one-of-a-kind, class III-IV+ whitewater run which boasts 47 quality, named rapids on the one-day superstar run and 75 on the two-day campout special. Both Upper Klamath River rafting itineraries include the famous seven mile “Hell’s Corner Canyon”, where you experience almost continuous, near non-stop wild water action — the very best in the West. This is where our slogan “RAFTING, RAFTING, AND MORE RAFTING—THE INCREDIBLE ADRENALINE RUSH” was born.

TRIP LOCATION AND CLASSIFICATION: On the Klamath River, beginning 44 miles East of Ashland, OR. This 13 to 17 mile exciting whitewater river adventurer is classified III – IV based on the International Rating Scale of I – VI. I being very mellow, easy. VI being considered by most, unrunable. There are six rapids rated as class IV on this trip.


CRAFTS USED: 14′ self-bailing, stern drive paddle rafts is our most common, most powerful and safest method employed. This format includes a rowing frame and oars for the guide and has you, the participant, actively involved as a paddle raft crew member. The regular paddle rafting format is also commonly used for the more adventurous and physically fit. Excursion rafting where you are non-participating, hanging on, and leaving the driving to us is utilized by some of our guests (advance notice requested). All rafts are equipped with toe cones and grab handles for your added safety. No inflatable kayaks are allowed on this trip.


TRIP CONCLUDES: In California near Copco Lake, 49 miles Southeast of Ashland, OR. After derigging and loading the rafts and equipment, taking a refreshment and celebration break, and changing into clothing of comfort, we return to your original rendezvous point by approximately __________.


RESTRICTIONS/REQUIREMENTS: Good health and agility, not afraid of water, a good swimmer and at least 12 years of age (10 when accompanied by a fully informed parent) are the prerequisites. This raft trip is not for the squeamish or lighthearted.


WHAT’S PROVIDED: All necessary river equipment for your complete comfort and safety; fully trained, experienced and highly skilled river guides; transportation to and from your designated rendezvous point and the river; complete lunch, juice and ice water; waterproof protective bags for your camera, keys, extra clothing and personal valuables; wet suits, splash jackets and wet socks, when and if needed; our warm and friendly conversation, stories and history of the area, flora, fauna and wildlife identification, and our enthusiasm for this superstar whitewater adventure.


WHAT YOU SHOULD BRING: (PACKING LIST) River Attire: Those things you don’t mind getting wet; Swim suit, shorts or cut-offs; tennis shoes which lace tight or wet suit booties, thongs are not good enough; retainers for eye glasses or sun glasses; sun visor or baseball hat; sun block; long sleeve light weight shirt and pants if prone to sunburn; clothing, other than your river attire, for a comfortable ride to and from this river adventure, often worn over your river attire.


Other accessories: According to weather conditions and potential needs, common to trips before mid-June and after Labor Day; wool or fleece socks and hat; sweater; shoes and socks, other than the ones you wear on the rafting trip; towel; wind breaker or jacket.


INSURANCE: NOAH’S RIVER ADVENTURES meets and complies with all state and federal insurance requirements. Vacation and travel insurance is available through most insurance companies and/or their agents. In many cases, you are already partially or fully covered through your present heath and accident policy. Please check this out and act accordingly.


RIVER/WEATHER CONDITIONS: Safety is our first and most important guideline. If, in the opinion of the head guide, at any time, the water conditions are too dangerous due to excessively high or impassively low water, the trip may be cancelled or the running of certain rapids altered or portaged.


Rarely will rainy conditions or rain cancel a scheduled trip. The temperatures are generally always above 80% from May thru September. Spring and summer showers usually pass through quickly. Morning clouds usually burn off (dissipate) by mid-day. We plan and pack each trip accordingly for your greatest comfort, including FREE wet suits and splash jackets if needed.


CANCELLATIONS, NO SHOW: We refund 100% of the fees paid when you notify NOAH’S by phone, in person or in writing at least 48 hours prior to trip departure. There is NO REFUND IF YOU CANCEL OR NO SHOW WITHIN 48 HOURS of your scheduled trip.

Available May – October

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