Cal. Salmon & Scott River Class IV & V Whitewater

the Slammin’


  • Federally protected “Wild and Scenic” waterway
  • 1 or 2 day wildwater adventure
  • Base Camp at Nordheirmer Creek or Lodge at Orleans

The ultimate challenge in whitewater rafting — unequaled excitement — sparkling mountain fresh water — spectacular scenery — relaxing riverside camps — abundant and scrumptious food — the very best river guides — and more!

In the northernmost part of California in the heart of the Klamath National Forest, home of the legendary “Big Foot”…


California’s Salmon River, comes surging out of the snow capped Trinity Alps and Marble Mountain Wilderness Area. The Cal Salmon River is one of the top ten whitewater challenges of North America today, probably in the top three. The Cal Salmon River features an exciting combination of luminous green pools that are frequently squeezed by craggy formations of glistening marble and granite bedrock, creating long explosive rapids, summersaulting waves and enormous suck holes, intertwined with inconveniently placed boulders in this twisting canyon. Gold mining operations and gold miners, not of yesteryear, but today vigorously pursue the age old riches still hidden here. Many different kinds of wildlife and waterfowl inhabit this remote coniferous covered forestland.

The Scott River


A very challenging class V whitewater run, only for the most aggressive rafters who are physically fit and seeking another fabulous incredible adrenaline rush. This superb, free flowing, snow melt, spring run river is awaiting all experienced, whitewater thrill-seekers from March through early June. Plan now for another very special adventure of a lifetime offered by the highly qualified and personally trained guides of NOAH’S.

NOAH’S RIVER ADVENTURES: The undisputed leader and innovator in river safety and various in-boat safety techniques since 1979.


Both Available April – June Please call for pricing.


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