School, Scouts, & Church Groups

Noah has a special feeling and place in his heart for school groups. Maybe it comes from his enjoyment of 11 years in the classroom teaching business education subject material. Maybe he enjoys the energy, excitement and shared appreciations that always come with the student groups. Whatever the reason, you are the benefactor.


Over the past 30 years we have developed a strong following of school groups along with a large clientele in both our whitewater rafting and fishing guide service business. There are many reason to choose NOAH’S for your school group’s rafting activity with us, be it a half-day, all-day or multi-day adventure. 


1) Our experience: We have been at this since 1974 with the same ownership and leadership.  No other company  even comes close.  Our guide ranks, some 20+ strong, many with 5, 10 and 15+ years of service with Noah’s – are all personable, qualified and certified professional – second to none.


2) Our safety and training – both on and off the water: We never compromise safety for anybody’s momentary pleasure.  All of our guides are certified through Rescue 3 International as Swiftwater Rescue Technicians. All maintain their certifications in adult and child CPR

and American Red Cross First Aid.  Several of the guides have gone even further and taken training and received their certifications in Wilderness Medicine, First Responder and even Emergency Medical Technician.  In addition, for five to seven days each year all the guides attend Noah’s Annual Guide Camp for the company’s internal policies, practices and procedural training.  To this day Noah personally heads up this training program, along with his senior guides and operations managers. Included in our safety plan are our communication capabilities.  We carry with us, both on and off the water, cell phones and satellite phones for any emergency that may arise, plus all crew members are trained in hand and whistle signals.  In addition to our extensive training and preparations we carry Master First Aid Kits on all river trips.


3)  Our pre-trip safety talk: Most importantly, Noah requires the trip leader or the head guide, in addition to giving the trip orientation and safety talk prior to each trip to also inform the students of selected and specific water-related “do’s and don’ts” for their added safety – for the present and future.  Noah wants the students to absorb and retain this added knowledge about water safety and take it with them beyond this particular day or activity, utilizing it for themselves and others for the rest of their lives.


4) Our equipment: In our opinion, it is the very best.  All of our rafts and inflatable kayaks are self-bailers.  All are in very good condition and well maintained.  All rafts have toe-cones, grab-handles and life-lines for additional safety.  We use US Coast Guard approved life jackets and maintain a range in sizes from infant to XXX -large.  Whenever needed we provide, at no

additional charge, neoprene wet suits, wet socks and booties, fleece sweaters and splash jackets – all for your comfort and enjoyment of the trip.  For transportation we have clean, well-serviced and maintained, air-conditioned vans and buses.


5) Our repeat clientele speaks volumes about our quality, safety, service and their satisfaction. Read their comments. The majority of our school group business comes from returning school groups and referred school groups.


We would be honored and delighted to share our love and appreciation of whitewater rafting and the great outdoors with you and your school group. Prices vary by services provided: length and location of trip; number of participants; whether you or we provide the transportation to/from the river; snacks or lunches; and weekdays versus weekend days.  Please give us a call or email and see what is best for you. 

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